MP3 editing (lite) on Android


mp3DirectCut for Android

The popular MP3 and AAC cutter for Android

mp3DirectCut provides direct editing of MP3 and AAC without re-encoding now also for Android. This saves encoding time and preserves the audio quality of encoded tracks. The app concentrates on basic features of mp3DirectCut: Cut, crop, extract, join, and on MP3 also fade. With its clear user interface and smart audio navigation you easily swipe through even long tracks.


Direct MP3 and AAC editing without re-encoding · Ultra fast file opening · Quick navigation by dragging, swiping and position bar · Selection by dragging, trimming or position · Prelisten selections as cut or as loop · Save of whole audio, selection or project file · Fading in and out to defineable level · Very small app size · Ad-free

mp3DirectCut (lite) for Android

Version 1.01 · 2020-10-29 · 121 KB · Freeware
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1.01Android 10 compatibility by "scoped storage opt-out" · Overwrite bug fixed
1.00First release


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