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Tutorial: Crossfading and phat music - The "radio" sound of 1by1

1by1 offers sophisticated options for enhanced audio and overlapped track transitions. With automated features and no efford it can sound like a radio station. Even automated jingle play is possible. Additionally 1by1 can stream the result into the net.

Open the Settings dialog (F6 or Settings button). Go to the first tab, "Audio":

As output method select DirectSound, usually the "Primary" device which is the default device set in the Windows settings. For smooth track transitions a long audio buffer is needed, set it to about 8 seconds. Enable Gapless and Overlap mixing. Threshold: The higher this value, the closer the songs. Try something like -3 or -6 dB. Important: Gapless and Overlap only work if samplerate and stereo channels don't change between the tracks.

Now enter the settings tab "Enhancer". Enable the Audio Enhancer and select a preset:

Try "Raise Power", "AC Radio", "Pump reduce" or "Night". Keep in mind that the quality of audio enhancing heavily depends on the kind of music. You can try the presets while playing. When adjusting the several values, you can switch to the "Prelisten mode" which gives a fast response of the changes.

For smooth and pleasing audio with overlapping transitions now everything is already done. More details about the different enhancer and overlap adjustments can be found in the manual.

As a special feature you can decorate your "station" with automated jingle play: by using the "Insert view". In the folder tree navigate to a folder which contains things you want to play frequently. Right click the folder and select "Open in Insert view...".

The Insert view can be used for several purposes, e.g. to simply add a track manually from everywhere to the current playlist. But that window also adds tracks automatically: after a time set with the slider on top of the window. When the time is elapsed, the selected track will be added after the currently playing song. The selection of the Insert view list advances to the next track. If the end is reached, it starts from the beginning.

To let the net participate in your mix, you can set up HTTP streaming, which is explained in this tutorial.

For more details on all of the mentioned features, refer the manual.

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