mpesch3 Android apps

Privacy Policy

The developer of the applications "1by1 Directory Player" and "mp3DirectCut (lite)" for the operating systems Android and compatible (hereinafter referred to as "1by1" and "mp3DirectCut"), Martin Pesch (hereinafter referred to as "developer"), puts high value on the protection of personal rights, transparency over the processing of data and compliance with applicable data protection regulations. In accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the developer subsequently clarifies possible data collection.

The above developer is responsible for data protection regarding 1by1 and mp3DirectCut. You can reach him for questions and informations by e-mail under the given address in the application description in Google Play. Among other things, you may require the operator to confirm whether and which personal data that concerns you is being processed. You also have the right to request that relevant data be deleted immediately. You also have the right to request the data concerning you. In addition, according to GDPR you have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

1by1 Android App

1by1 is an audio player application. Its purpose is to play audio files of types supported by the current operating system and list the content of audio file containing directories. It also can play audio streams over internet connections. The application does not collect any personal data. As 1by1 can play internet audio streams, the permission "Internet" is needed to establish a connection for this purpose. If you use 1by1 to play an internet audio stream by an URL from an M3U playlist, your current IP address will be sent to the streaming server in order to establish the connection. As well as the audio file access and the audio decoding, the internet connections are managed by functions of the operating system.

mp3DirectCut Android App

mp3DirectCut is an application for cutting mainly the audio formats MP3 and AAC. Its only needed permission is storage access in order to allow saving the results by the user. The application does not collect any personal data.

Your e-mail address

If you contact the developer by e-mail, your e-mail including your e-mail address will be forwarded from the service provider of to a third party e-mail provider, which the developer uses. Depending on the correspondence, your e-mails will be stored there as long as this is necessary for the dialogue with you. Once your request has been completed, your e-mails and your e-mail address will be deleted. You can always ask the developer if anything regarding your e-mail address is stored.