The Directory Player


1by1 - Small and fast audio directory player with powerful features

Tired of handling playlists?

1by1 is a small, fast and handy audio player which is not only small: it provides a smart and versatile environment to handle your file collection and listen to your tracks - with no need to fuddle with playlists or media databases. Play your folder contents one by one, enjoy the built in powerful audio enhancing, reorganize tracks temporarily. And with Resume play never lose your last play position.


Directory Player: directly plays your folder contents
Full Resume play: remembers last track and position
Gapless play · Transition overlapping · Audio enhancer
Folder tree file navigation · Directory finder (play a whole drive)
MP3 decoding by ACM or mpglib
BASS library support (OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP4, CD...)
File utils: copy, move, rename while play, delete, date change
Big title display · Rename tool · Folder compare tool
Cue sheet support · Playlist support · Favorites
Winamp 2.x input plugin support · WAV export
Track logging · HTTP web and streaming server
Highly configurable · Theme presets · Global hotkeys
Very small size · Low resource usage · Portable

Download 1by1

Version 1.93 · 2018-08-26 · 197 KB · simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware

MD5 checksum: 221db63d0e0aed35a5a2db739db5b979


1.93Improved Soft clip implementation on multiband / Adjustable title limit for RSS feed display / Streaming from https enabled / Some minor changes
1.92Finer mouse wheel volume / 5 band dynamics and limiter / DSP plugin host
1.91Simple fast play / Improved volume control curve
1.90Temporary repeat/stop / Window and title features / Modified icon
1.89Fixed VU meter bug / "Open in new Window" function / Quit after list feature
1.88HTTP web interface and MP3 streaming server / Rewind / Fast Fwd Hotkeys


Windows or Linux with Wine
MP3 ACM codec (present in Windows) or mpglib.dll
Recommended for many formats: BASS library (see "More")
For exotic formats: input plugins (see doc)

1by1 for Android

Version 1.11 · 2019-08-22 · 97 KB · Freeware

Download and install on Google Play
For own installation: APK file

Folder play / Resume / Sort / Shuffle / Repeat /
Internal playlist / Bookmarks / Directory finder /
File search / Sleep timer / Track coloring /
M3U support / Streaming / Enhancer DSP

Write on SD card (track delete feature and playlist export)
Read phone state (quit on incoming call)
Internet (streaming) / Wake lock

1.11Again some crash fixings (phone ring, param choice...) /
minor corrections
1.10Crash fixings (incoming call, param start, context menu) /
Hilighting play and previous folder
1.09Notifications were not shown in Android 8+ /
Service rewritten / Structural changes / Some corrections
1.08Sleep timer / File search / Crash workarounds
1.07Possible (not reproduced) crash fixed
1.06Folder access / Notification improved / Icon changes
1.05Folder access, episode 4952
1.04More links for folder access
1.03Other Shuffle method / Bunch of crash fixings

1by1 extras

Webradio demo Playlist
Add your stations with a text editor. BASS decoder lib needed for Webstreaming.

Toolbar button image sets
Copy the files to the 1by1 program folder. Settings / Control / Toolbar / Button style.

1by1 1.75 (ANSI)
Last version running on Windows 98/ME (156 KB)