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Best folder sound in your pocket

1by1 for Android is a minimalistic folder player with smart features as crossfading, audio enhancing and more. It appears like a file manager and plays audio files directly from your folders. There is no need for playlists or media databases. And 1by1 does not waste your time with cover art, audio visualisation or ID3 tags.


Resume play remembers track and position · Sort · Shuffle · Repeat

Supported file types (depending on the system): MP3, OGG, AAC, MP4, WAV, FLAC, OPUS (Note: OPUS only with OGG-extension in Android 5 and 6)

DSP features: Audio enhancers for consistent/normalized volume and powerful sound · Gapless/Crossfading · Fast Play · Partial mono mix · (DSP working on "Internal decoding", enable it while not playing (!) in 1by1's settings on Android 4.1 or newer)

Exportable internal playlist · M3U playlist support · Webstream play (by direct URLs in M3U playlists) · Bookmarking of tracks or lists · Directory finder

Track coloring by month or name · File search (Access: long press on a folder) · Configurable functions of tap, long press and remote prevoius key · Sleep timer · Very small app size · ad-free

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Version 1.21 · 2020-12-15 · 164 KB · Freeware
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MD5 checksum: b6710501ba55c6b2b7a39b971d6cc948


1.21Mini fade-in on resume · Themes · Bold folders · Italian translation · Minor corrections
1.20Optional fade on stop · Some improvements and corrections
1.19Few language handling changes to fix unreproduced crash
1.18Spanish translation · possible bug related changes
1.17Context open action · German translation · Some more improvements
1.16Some corrections · Possible ENH2 overdrive fixed · Sort on present lists
1.15Library load crashed app on older devices
1.14Native DSP: Enhancers, Fast play, Gapless/Crossfading · Bunch of improvements
1.13Longpress button functions · Auto save settings option · Max notification priority
1.12Partial mono mix option · Remote prev key configurable · Some improvements


Read phone state (quit on incoming call)

Wake lock (prevent from stop on screen off)

Write external storage (track delete, playlist export)

Read external storage (folders, audio files)

Internet (webstreaming)

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Usually it plays the common audio formats MP3, AAC, MP4, OGG, OPUS, FLAC, WAV. As 1by1 uses the system decoders, the supported formats depend on the device, usually they should all be present. On many devices also MP2 is supported. Older devices may not decode OPUS - or only if the files have the OGG extension. On MP4 only the audio track will be played. M4A is supported also.

A newly started blank 1by1 shows a root folder - without any tracks. But they are right around the corner. If the music is on the device's storage, storage/emulated/0/Music may be the location. You also should reach your files under storage/emulated/0 or mnt/sdcard. If the audios are on a removable media (microSD), they should be under something like storage/1234-5678. Be sure to accept the storage permission, otherwise nothing is shown. Once you started a track and quit 1by1, it will remeber the location and show the folder directly on start.

Folders can be sorted by name, date, month or be shuffled. Month means that all tracks of a season can be together regardless from which year they are. Unfortunately some Android versions destroy the file date on copying. M3U playlists can be sorted by name, path, original order and also be shuffled.

Audio enhancing, normalize, mono-mix, and transition mixing need the 'Internal decoding' enabled. You find this switch in the settings page. To (un)check it, play must be stopped before. Below you can enable and adjust the DSP features. To quickly toggle the enhancer DSP, you can also use the item in the Sort menu in the main view.

Yes, it can. The URLs must be listed in an M3u playlist file - and directly point to the stream. So it may be necessary to find the stream URL before. Sometimes it must be extracted from a PLS or M3U playlist file. 1by1 can play different streams from one M3U. To show the stream name instead of just the URL, also the #EXTINF name above the URL is shown within 1by1.

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