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The popular MP3 and AAC cutter for Android

mp3DirectCut provides direct editing of MP3 and AAC without re-encoding now also for Android. This saves encoding time and preserves the audio quality of encoded tracks. The app concentrates on basic features of mp3DirectCut: Cut, crop, extract, join, and on MP3 also fade. With its clear user interface and smart audio navigation you easily swipe through even long tracks.


Direct MP3 and AAC editing without re-encoding · Ultra fast file opening · Quick navigation by dragging, swiping and position bar · Selection by dragging, trimming or position · Prelisten selections as cut or as loop · Save of whole audio, selection or project file · Fading in and out to defineable level · Very small app size · Ad-free

mp3DirectCut (lite) for Android

Version 1.02 · 2021-01-10 · 126 KB · Freeware
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1.02Own file open dialog · Some adjustments
1.01Android 10 compatibility by "scoped storage opt-out" · Overwrite bug fixed
1.00First release


Read and write external storage

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

With the tiny app mp3DirectCut (lite) you can open even long MP3 or AAC tracks in no time and scroll/swipe them easily to find cut points. Create a selection of the range you want to cut by either long pressing and dragging, or with the buttons for setting begin and end. Adjust the selection with the begin/end buttons, the trim buttons, or even by dragging the edges. If the selection fits, press the Cut button. If you don't like the result, press the Undo button.

Create a selection with the range you want to extract. Prelisten the range as loop to simulate ringtone play. Adjust the selection edges by dragging after long press or with the buttons for trim or setting begin/end. If your selection sounds fine, choose Save from the menu, select a folder and a file name, and on the radio buttons switch to "Save selection". Then save the file.

Yes, by using Append. Either call Append from the menu and choose a file to append. Or choose mp3DirectCut as action from a file browser. If it has already audio opened, it will ask to append the file. Important: only tracks with matching audio parameters (samplerate, channel mode) can be appended!

mp3DirectCut (lite) opens MP3 and AAC (LC) files. Important: only real file paths can be opened. Opening an indexed "Audio" from the media database does not work! To open a file, either choose Open from the menu and select an MP3 or AAC. Alternatively you can use an installed file browser to open a file with mp3DirectCut.

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