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1by1 - Small and fast audio directory player with powerful features

Tired of handling playlists?

1by1 for Windows appears like a file manager while it has all features of a versatile audio player - and much more. Play the tracks in your carfully arranged folders one by one with no need to fuddle with playlists or databases. Enjoy smoothly mixed transitions and the built in powerful audio enhancing. Handle your track collection with smart file tools. Reorganize tracks in different ways. And with Resume play never lose your last play position.


Directory Player: directly plays folder contents

Resume play: remembers track and position

Multi Resume for the ten recently played folders

Gapless play · Transition mixing · Audio enhancing

Folder tree file navigation · Directory finder (to play a whole drive)

MP3 decoding by ACM or mpglib

BASS library support (OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP4, CD...)

File utils: copy, move, rename while play, delete, date change

Scalable Big title view · Rename tool · Folder compare tool

Cue sheet support · M3U Playlist support · Bookmarks

Winamp 2.x input plugin support · WAV export

Track logging · HTTP control and streaming server

Highly configurable · Theme presets · Global hotkeys

Very small size · Low resource usage · Portable

Download 1by1

Version 1.99 · 2021-06-24 · 198 KB · Simple installer (sfx zip) · Freeware
MD5 checksum: b140420a1fc111520f66b141b2079ed5


1.99Remember positions in folders option · Folder content to playlist function · Enhancer 2 improvements · Config dialog modifications · Cue sheet display glitches fixed · Some minor things
1.98Nicer config window style · Reading BASS tag titles (FLAC, MP4, OGG) · Notes for Info column option · Multiband presets added · Fade in on resume · Fast play improved · Some more improvements
1.97Possible Multiband DSP overdrive fixed · Multiple folder picture names possible · Wrapable toolbar · Descripted button set · Grey button set · Optional toolbar Tab access · Some corrections
1.96Big view below track list option · Cover art display method changed · Level meter corrections · Plugin host adjustments
1.95Overlap/crossfade engine rewritten · DirectSound and WaveOut handling renewed · New Multiband enhancer filtering · Input plugin host rewritten · Config dialog style changes · Intro scan ignoring track change fixed · Lots of improvements and corrections


Windows or Linux with Wine

MP3 ACM codec (present in Windows) or mpglib.dll

Recommended for many formats: BASS library (see "More")

For exotic formats: input plugins (see doc)

1by1 extras

Webradio demo playlist
Add your stations with a text editor. BASS decoder lib needed for Webstreaming.

Toolbar button image sets
Copy the files to the 1by1 program folder. Settings / Control / Toolbar / Button style.

1by1 1.75 (ANSI)
Last version running on Windows 98/ME (156 KB)

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Almost every common audio format - depending on additional decoder libraries. A "pure" 1by1 plays only MP3 by using the system ACM decoder which is present in Windows and also in newer Wine versions on Linux. To play many more formats like AAC, MP4, WAV, FLAC, OGG, WMA, you should add the BASS library possibly with Add-ons to 1by1's program folder. The download can be found on the More page. Important: As 1by1 is a 32 bit application, also the 32 bit versions of the DLLs must be used.

For the current track artist and title info from ID3 tags as well as possible cover art are shown in the "Big view" area which can be placed above or below the track list. The content of the Big view can be adjusted individually in the settings. The ID3 title can also be shown in the window title. For cover art make sure that the option Show track/folder related pictures (Settings / Window style) is set. Tag titles and additional file informations can also be shown in the file and playlist view by choosing an Extra column (Settings / List and tree).

Shuffled play is only possible for the currently shown list. But you can fill the list with all tracks of a path by calling "Show subfolder contents" from the tree context menu. If this does not work in rare cases, use "Find files" with no search term. Alternatively you can fill the toggleable playlist view with tracks and then shuffle this list. The playlist view will be kept while a modified file list will be overwritten on directory change.

The installer is a selfextracting ZIP file. It simply copies the files to the selected folder and creates a desktop icon. To copy the files to the default "Program files" folder, it is usually needed to run the Installer "As administrator" (right button). No admin rights are needed if you install the program to a folder where you have write access. The files of the distribution can also be extracted with an archive utility (e.g. 7-Zip). Malware alarms? Please see the Contact page.

The program tries to behave portable: If it finds write access to its folder, 1by1 will store its configuration files there. If not, the Roaming folder of the user profile is used for the future. To safely prevent 1by1 from using the user profile, the local/portable storing of the settings files can be forced with the option "Force portable settings" unter Settings / System. The option works only with write access to the program folder.

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